Every town on the island hosts a carnival, and each one won't disappoint!

Ryde Carnival

Childrens Carnival: 29th August 2018- 3pm

Main Carnival: 30th August 2018 6.30pm

Illuminated Carnival: 1st Sept 2018-8.30pm

IOW Mard Gras: TBC 2019

Newport Carnival

Main Carnival: 26th July 2018-7pm

Illuminated Carnival: 18th August- 2018- 9pm

St Helen's Carnival

Main Carnival: 27th August 2018- 6.30pm

Shanklin Carnival

Childrens Carnival: 31st July 2018- 2pm

Main Carnival: 1st August 2018- 7pm

Illuminated Carnival: 4th August 2018- 9.15pm

Ventnor Carnival

Childrens Carnival:8th August 2018- 12am

Main Carnival: 8th August 2018- 7pm

Illuminated Carnival: 11th August 2018- 9pm

Lantern Parade & Carnival: TBC 2018

West Wight Carnival

Main Carnival: 29th July- 2pm

Sandown Carnival

Childrens Carnival: 27th July 2018-3pm

main Carnival: 28th July 2018- 7pm

Illuminated Carnival: 29th August 2018- 8.30pm

Fireworks: TBC 2018

Cowes Carnival

Main Carnival: 15th August 2018- 7pm

Illuminated Carnival: 25th August 2018- 9pm