Robin Hill

Bus: Route 8 & Down's Breezer

Robin Hill is a country park located near the village of Arreton. It is home to some of the islands fastest rides, the Colossus Swing Ship, 4D Cinema and the Tobaggon Ride. There is also various other attractions such as the African Adventure Playarea and wooded maze. The park has themed gardens with a chinese garden and a nature treehouse, which teaches visitors about the local red squirrel. There is also falconery and the parks very own "squark birds"

On selected nights through-out the year there is the Electric Woods, which is a breath-taking light show set within the woodland area of the park. The themes of the Electric Woods depend on the time of year.

Please note: The Tobaggon Ride is not included in the admission price.

Events 2022:

Spirit of the Orient: 18th-26th February - 5pm to 9pm

Easter Falconry: 8th-24th April

Isle of Wight Balloon Festival: 28th-30th May

Brainiac Remixed: 26th July-25th August (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

(Separate Booking Required)

Night Balloon Glow: 20th-21st August

Midnight Balloon Glow: 20th August

Festival of the Dead: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 25th – 29th October

Polar: TBC