The Isle of Wight is one of the best places on the planet for Dinosaur finds! The Geology of the island is the main reason for the fossil finds. The coast from Sandown to West Wight is made up of soft clay, which preserves the fossils, but also causes the serious erosion that exposes the fossils. The most common dinosaur to find on the island is the Iguanodon. You can even see the footprints at Compton at low-tide.

Dinosaur Isle

Dinosaur Isle is the UK's first purpose built Dinosaur museum. Home to a vast array of fossils found on the island and the south coast of England! The museum in the summer holds fossil walks on the local beach with experts on hand to help find and identify any fossils found.

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Blackgang Chine

Enter Restricted Area 5, with animatronic dinosaurs round every corner. Listen out for the roar of the T-Rex! During the summer months the parks resident dinosaurs Shadow & Shelia roam the park

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The Needles Landmark


Step into the 4D cinema and explore The Lost World 4D!

And take a go at the Jurassic Golf Course

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