Shanklin Chine

3 Chine Ave, Shanklin PO37 6BW, UK

Gardens & Parks

Bus: Routes 3, Island Coaster & Shanklin Shuttle

Shanklin Chine is one of the oldest attractions on the island. Located in the old village, the chine runs down to the seafront, offering some spectacular views of the Sandown Bay.

The chine was formed by the water fall, eroding the cliff behind. The area in the chine is full of spectacular flora and history. The chine was used in WW2 for the PLUTO pipeline which sent fuel to the army on mainland Europe.

At the beach end of the chine is a gift shop and café. There is also a exhibit of the history of the chine and the military roles it was used for

The summer months is the perfect opportunity to see the chine floodlit!