East Wight

Seaview is a haven for sailers and watersports. For the slower pace, Seaview is home to some amazing beaches with views across the Solent and Spithead. The village high street is home to boutique shops.

Bembridge, along with St Helens, is dominated by the harbour, Created with the coming of the railway, the harbour is home to shipbuilding and houseboats. St Helens Durver is home to an amazing beach and beach huts created from former train carriages.

Bembridge is home to the Lifeboat Station, and on certain open days you are able to walk up the pier!


All 3 villages are on the route 8 Southern Vectis bus route, with links to Ryde, Sandown, Robin Hill, Amazon World and Newport.

In the summer months, all 3 villages are also served by the Island Coaster service, with Bembridge and St Helens also served by the Down's Breezer Open Top Bus.